Torre del Mar seizes best chance to become independent town

Flickr Maximo Lopez

THE dream held by many residents in Torre del Mar of seeing the district become an independent municipality is now closer to becoming reality than ever before.
Many attempts have been made in the past to promote the village to town status, separate from Velez-Malaga, most of them launched by the Independent Pro-Municipality Group of Torre del Mar (GIPMTM), but all of them had failed to achieve the goal. The last effort was made in December 2014, but was dismissed by the former local government team led by the PP (conservative party), who said the area did not comply with necessary requisites to form an autonomous municipality.
However, after the May elections, the GIPMTM made a pact with the current local government of Velez-Malaga, becoming part of it in an attempt to further their agenda.
Now this political force has decided to not delay the issue that matters most to them, and will bring the proposal forward to the other two members of the coalition, the PSOE (socialist party) and Partido Andalucista (PA).
On Wednesday (July 8) the spokesperson for GIPMTM and deputy major of Torre del Mar, Jesus Perez Atencia, announced they would not be respecting the 100-day period of courtesy for the new local government, and that they were expecting the matter to be put on the table this month.
For his part, Velez-Malaga mayor and head of the local PSOE party, Antonio Moreno, assured during his investiture speech that he intended to support the independence request put forward by Torre del Mar, and any other districts which requested it.


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