Old news story spreads modern panic in Benidorm

Flickr by Enrique Domingo

AN OLD news story has been causing panic online as people shared and reshared a 2003 article on a bomb that exploded in a Benidorm hotel.
The story has been picked up by some news sources and spread on social media networks over Thursday and Friday, but in July 2015, Benidorm’s Levante beach is experiencing nothing more dangerous than a little, occasional cloud cover and soaring temperatures.
The story refers to a bomb planted by ETA 12 years ago, which went off at the same time as another device in Alicante, injuring 13 people.


  1. Remember that day well,I was with my 2 kids and the wife,we were on the beach no more than 100 meters away when it went off at the Nadal hotel,pretty scary and had to tell the kids it was a gas explosion when we found out it was an ETA bomb.


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