I’m just an old cynic really…

WIMBLEDON: And a no show by Cliff Richard.

I DUNNO. Call me a cynic, but to my way of thinking Cliff Richard’s behaviour, after his paedophile accusations, simply doesn’t sit right.
Personally, if I were a celebrity of his stature, was innocent of these insinuations, and could grace just about any media platform I chose, I would be screaming my innocence from every outlet available.
I would be insisting my accusers prove their allegations, calling for the police to clarify their position and making just about all the angry noises and denials I could come up with.
But Mr Richard hasn’t done any of this has he? He’s all but disappeared. Apart from one brief and haggard appearance on British shores he hasn’t set foot there.
He has, however, been reported as staying at his vineyard in Portugal, living in Barbados and, even more oddly, taking out Barbadian citizenship.
An even more inexplicable decision has been the announcement that for the first time in 20 years he will not be attending Wimbledon; an event where he has almost become part of the furniture.
The reasons given are even more bizarre. He says he doesn’t want to distract from the tennis! Wot!?
Well frankly I think his actions are somewhat suspicious to say the least.
I suppose I was as affronted as most sane citizens were when I read of the toe rag that had his electronic tag removed because he ‘thought it was a bomb.’
The authorities decided that if this was indeed the case, then the tag was infringing his human rights.
Did you ever hear such pure unadulterated poppy cock? Do we actually pay the people who make these demented decisions? Heaven help us all. On reflection it’s not a bad idea.
Put a small explosive device in all of them. Set it to go off if they fail to comply with the restrictions, bet that would keep ‘em all toeing the line. Dream on Leapy.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy   
[email protected]

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  1. Leapy, I cannot agree with your assertion that Cliff should be shouting his innocence, everybody handles such things differently. You may well do that, but Cliff has to a great extent withdrawn from society for a good many years and I don’t believe it is in his nature to do as you suggest.
    I don’t believe for one minute all these allegations against him, they are just made by people who are maybe seeking compensation, or want to make a name for themselves. One has already been told by the police to forget it.
    It has all come to light since the allegations against Jimmy Saville so why not jump on the bandwagon?
    If these people are so incenced about ‘what happened to them’ why have they waited forty years to come forward?
    The trouble is, these days many people are looking at any way to make a few bucks and they don’t care what damage they do to a persons reputation. It is shameful, and a good indication of the type of society we are living in these days!

  2. I agree with Mr Peters comments. Although I don’t know Cliff Richards personally I get that he is a private person and always will be and there is nothing wrong with that. My issue is that I believe the accusations have ALWAYS been false and are reliant on how the media would stir thing up out of any proportion imaginable. take Leapy Lee’s comment ‘ I would be screaming my innocence from every outlet available.’ and others.. If that is what you would do fair enough but that is you and your Not Cliff Richards which also means Cliff Richards is not you! so if he wants to keep out of the lime light just leave him to it. report irrefutable facts as they are not gossip & detritus as you think it should be to ‘sell’ column inches. it is a shame that your prepared to put an innocent man through this for your own ends but it is not just you that must live with this it is also the person your directing it at… through no fault of there own! When did it change from Innocent until proven guilty (the norm in the UK) to guilty by ill informed media comment? (in this case You! but to be fair there are others) also if the police say forget it (as indeed they have) that is what you should do i had until i read this article.

  3. I generally have respect, Leapy Lea, for your comments, your outspoken-ness, your apparent absence of fear of being hushed up, but, I struggle to agree with you on Cliff Richard. I suppose that he is no more squeaky clean than you or me, or any of the rest of us, but I squirm at the attempts of reporters and media people in general to throw out outrageous accusations at folk and sit back and expect them to vehemently defend themselves. In fact, I take my hat off to Cliff and those like him, who refuse to be bullied into making public statements by the media.
    Does not every one of us, (males in particular), live in fear of some mouthy teenager with a bad attitude and an evil temperament, pointing the finger of scorn against us and making scurrilous accusations, even though we KNOW that we have never wronged any of them in the way that they might claim. (I’m not talking about the guilty parties who deserve all the wrath that is thrown at them). How many school teachers have had their careers cut short by one (or more) nasty comment(s) made about them by youths how cannot even comprehend the damage that their comments cause, even though they are just trying to get one over on a strict teacher who caught them smoking or breaking some other benign school rule, and had the audacity to give them ‘lines’, or detention?
    You walk a very thin line, my friend, when you add fuel to these unsubstantiated claims whether they be directed at the “rich & famous”, or ordinary folk like you or me. (I do, very much, remember your “Little Arrows” fame from the 70s). So, please, I beg you, stick to the facts and the known/provable reports, and leave the sniping to the gutter press where it is not only recognised, but expected.
    I do understand that in your business it is sometimes necessary to blow into the embers to stir up a good ‘fire’, but you gotta make sure that there are embers there in the first place, n’est ce pas? I’m not saying that Cliff is any more or less innocent than Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter, or Jonathan King, et al, but, until there is good provable evidence, I am sickened by the accusations against one more of the ‘heroes’ that I grew up with in the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc..
    Keep up the good work, Leapy, (this one notwithstanding).
    Allan C. Grieve.
    (Retired Belfast Taxi Driver).

  4. You are cynic. You are also a nasty piece of work. The reason Sir Cliff Richard did not attend Wimbledon is nothing to do with the case. Sure, he would not wish to be press fodder, ammunition for people like you to make nasty remarks, but the reason Sir Cliff was not at Wimbledon is because he was with his family A very close relative has spent the last two and a half years suffering from cancer. She was told some weeks ago that there was nothing more that could be done. She died two weeks ago leaving a husband, two young children and no doubt, a devastated family. Sir Cliff has made his innocence quite clear. In the year since this outrage happened the police have demonstrated not one shred of evidence. Sir Cliff doesn’t need to say anything else and has nothing to prove to nasty pieces of work like you.

  5. Whilst I appreciate your comments in many ways, I would like to point out that Sir Cliff Richard has not withdrawn from society at all at any point, and comments that suggest he has are not only unhelpful, they are wildly inaccurate.
    Sir Cliff Richard leads an active life of wok, where he still enjoys huge popularity from generations of fans. He owns and maintains a highly successful vineyard in Portugal and he has a wide circle of family and friends. Sir Cliff Richard also still tours regularly and is doing so again from September this year, touring in the UK to celebrate his 75th birthday with his fans. There is no withdrawal from society going on at all and there never has been.

  6. I’m afraid it was inevitable the leave our Cliff alone mob would emerge after your opinions were stated. However while reveling in his prosperity gained by placing himself in the public eye I totally agree with your perceptions. Dear Cliff has always been very coy regarding his sexual appetites or the persuasion of them,in this world if you want celebrity accept the questions and lack of privacy or get out of the life and the fame and fortune that goes with it. I totally agree that it would be very easy to refute all claims yet he is not doing. I do hope all these Cliff lovers are as quick to apologies if any truth is discovered .however I fear not as in a similar fashion to a certain Mr Jackson it seems their adoration allows them to do as they wish. shame on you if or when any accusations are proved true as with other celebs recently,perhaps a letter of apology to each parent would be forthcoming yet I doubt the ardent Cliffites would deem this necessary.

  7. Let’s hope your as quick to write a letter to all the possible offended families if any of this is proven as you are to rubbish someone’s opinion. No doubt Michael Jackson was a non offender in your eyes too!!!!

  8. Cliff Richards case and Michael Jacksons are totally different accusations and I don’t know why you are talking like they are related. Personally I don’t really like Cliff Richard but he has rights too and what he is being put through is wrong, we are supposed to be innocent until proven otherwise under British law and the BBC along with the Police and media have turned the Cliff thing into a circus. If the police ever get their act together to decide if there is a case or not I would hope that CR sue the ass off the Police and the BBC as this has been a disgrace, if his name is allowed to be made public then the person or people who are making the accusations should be also!

  9. He has not been found guilty or innocent,simply not enough evidence for the CPS to prosecute as is the case in many hundreds of cases where people know of the guilt but cannot prove it unfortunately !

  10. Tracy:- So apart from the allegations against him why do we never get to hear from him or see articles in the press?
    The only time he has been in the public eye is when he visits Wimbledon!

  11. Mark, although it may surprise you, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am merely making a point.
    Neither you nor anyone else heard from Cliff except at Wimbledon before this despicable incident, so he has ‘withdrawn from the public eye’. I haven’t seen his name in the papers for years.
    He may well have had some tours but they have not thrust him into the ‘public eye’ as Tracy suggested.
    As for Michael Jackson, I refuse to comment because that has nothing to do with this discussion.

  12. Maybe his guilt can be proven but ‘the establishment’ don’t want this to happen, because if it did, perhaps many other leading UK figures would be exposed in the fallout…


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