Trial by jury for woman accused of killing 5 year old


A WOMAN accused of beating a five-year-old child in her care to death at her home in Alicante refused to testify in court on Monday June 29.
Judicial sources confirm that the accused, named as MLAS, is facing a possible 15 years and six months’ imprisonment. The prosecution’s requested sentence is comprised of 12 years and six months for murder and a further three years for other crimes concerned with abuse.
During the first session, throughout which the child’s birth mother was present, the suspect refused to answer questions from the prosecution and also those of her own defence counsel.
The crimes took place in Alicante in January and February of 2014. The accused had been given charge of the child as her own mother was unable to take care of her due to a lack of water and electricity at home.
On February 3, MLAS called emergency services, reporting that she had found the little girl lying on the floor of the shower bleeding. She was revived and transferred to hospital by SAMU. She died at 1.30pm on February 4.
Investigators have confirmed that the accused is not mentally ill. She has a criminal record as a result of abusing her mother and her baby son and in the past has been charged with attacking a law enforcement officer as well as a series of violent offences between 2004 and 2011.
The defence requested that the hearing was suspended pending a jury trial.


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