25 Islamic State fighters killed in Syria and Iraq came from Spain

U.S. Department of Defense on Flickr

AT least 25 people from Spain have died fighting on the side of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, says a security report seen by Spanish daily newspaper El Pais. The report on people with residency rights in Spain who have left the country to join IS accompanies the increase in the terror alert in Spain to level four, which indicates a high risk of an attack on Spanish soil.
The study claims 114 people have left Spain to fight in Syria since the conflict began there. Twenty-five have returned, it says, 15 of whom are in prison and the others, mostly women and children, are being tracked by security services.
Of the Spanish residents known to have died fighting for IS, only six were Spanish nationals, all from the enclave of Ceuta in Morocco. According to the report, the rest were originally Moroccans who had Spanish residency rights.


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