Green areas in Manacor to lose legal protection

Castellers d'Esplugues on Flickr

A CONTROVERSIAL proposal has been put forward by the new local government team in Manacor urbanism department.
They are considering eliminating the status of protected green areas on 15 land plots across the town, as they claimed the owners were threatening to pursue legal action to be able to build in these areas and the council would not be able to meet the necessary compensation were the owners to win in the courts.
“Compensation would represent the bankruptcy of our town,” said head of the department, Joan Llodra. “We will only be able to take action on those lands whose owners have not yet taken the council to court.”
“As an example, one of the land plots was priced at €80,000, but judicial analysis deemed its value was more than €15 million,” said Urban Discipline councillor, Nuria Hinojosa, who shares this responsibility with Mr Llodra. “It is impossible for the council to pay that amount, and it will only harm the rest of the citizens.”


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