Politician’s pet in private plane parliamentary probe

Jorge Fernández Díaz, Ministerio del Interior on Flickr

QUESTIONS have been asked in the Spanish congress regarding just how pampered is the pooch of the interior minister, Lola. The dog, Lola, that is. The Interior Minister is called Jorge Fernandez Diaz.
The PSOE socialists have tabled the question: “Did the Spanish interior minister’s dog, Lola, fly alone using official transportation?”
The socialists say they have asked the question to clear up rumours surrounding Lola’s travel arrangements. Diaz denies any wrongdoing and has produced receipts for Lola’s tickets for the AVE high-speed train, charged at the rate for pets. He stated: “The little dog has never travelled alone on an official airplane.”
PSOE deputy Pilar Grande said that she wanted to know once and for all whether official transport was being used for private purposes at the Interior Ministry, and that if rumours were proved false, she would be happy to have helped dispel them.


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