Spanish parents demand stronger anti-bullying measures


THE Spanish Federation of Parents’ Associations (CEAPA) has urged the government to create a national plan to combat bullying.
They have also requested the creation of a free telephone line exclusively dedicated to supporting victims of bullying, which could be called without leaving a trace on the telephone bill.
In addition, they have asked the government to work on a plan to prevent bullying and another to tackle cases with a team made up by experts on promoting healthy relationships, as well as parents and students, to help improve day-to-day life in schools.
The federation claimed that the current plans to encourage peaceful environments in schools have proved to be inefficient and urged the Education Ministry to call on the National School Coexistence Observatory to carry out reports on the state of schools.
During their General Assembly, CEAPA delegates also criticised the huge homework load given to pupils as they claimed it had negative consequences both on the children and family relationships.


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