Dive in to the Costa Tropical’s ‘excellent’ sea water

Victor Peña on Flickr

JUST in time for the height of summer, the beaches across Granada and the Costa Tropical have been confirmed as having ‘excellent’ water for swimming by the regional government’s environmental health agency.
The report was released by Andalucia’s Health and Social Policies Board, which collected data from the 29 beaches registered in the whole of Granada Province, belonging to nine different municipalities.
The Junta de Andalucia regional government has analysed parameters such as its colour, transparency, microbiology, presence of foam and floating solids, confirming that the Granada waters presented an exceptional state and are thus apt for bathing.
Health board representatives reminded that it is the town councils who are in charge of preserving the conditions of cleanliness and health standards of beaches, as well as placing informative signposts with the facilities’ descriptions and safety equipment.


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