A united community helps cancer patient


COSTA Blanca retirees Barry, aged 73, and his wife Karen, aged 63, were busy packing to move house to Benidorm’s old town in April when they received the devastating news that Barry had cancer of the palate. Surrounded by the chaos of moving they were engulfed by a more distressing crisis.
Barry was treated at San Juan Hospital where Karen struggled to communicate with the medical team so the charity Grant a Wish stepped in with translation services by Karen Thornton. They also sent chocolates and flowers so the couple would know they weren’t alone.
Barry survived three total organ failures and developed septicaemia during his stay but valiantly made it home, where Grant a Wish made him comfy in a safe and supportive wing chair. MABS Benidorm supplied a pulley system to help with some gentle lifting and Telitec Communications generously provided a brand new TV with a modern internet system so he could enjoy his favourite programmes.
“It’s all about making good, deserving people feel better,” said Ramon Howard of Grant a Wish.


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