Shuteye request to new corporation


ALMERIA City residents wanting a good night’s sleep called on the new corporation to take action on noise.
Derechoadormir (Right to sleep), a platform of residents’ communities and associations, said that candidates from all parties pledged to find a solution for noise pollution from discos and pubs. Now it is time to keep their promises, they were reminded.
The group cited a Marques de Comillas apartment where the Policia Local registered more than 32 decibels from a nearby discotheque even though the windows were closed. City hall has yet to clarify whether the business is still licensed to operate as a disco after having changed hands, especially since the new proprietor of a pub in Calle Guzman had his request for a licence transfer turned down.
Yet another pub near the Juegos del Mediterraneo stadium also keeps its neighbours awake, Derechoadormir said. In this case they discovered that there had never been final in situ assessments of its soundproofing or the impact-noise created. These should have been presented in 2011, residents said. Instead the pub could start trading with nothing more than a statement from the owners, claiming that all requirements had been met. “And city hall believed it!” they added.
They were not asking for the pub to close, they stressed, merely to comply with regulations. “The new corporation should ensure that we do not have to become policemen or town planning experts because we can’t sleep. If these places are not in order, someone hasn’t done their work properly.”


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