Green-fingered La Nucia trainees awarded diplomas

THE STUDENTS with their diplomas

THIRTY unemployed people over the age of 25 taken on for a year of gardening and work concerned with forestry as part of the Pinar Garaita VI training programme received their diplomas on Monday June 15, presented by Mayor Bernabé Cano, Councillor Vanessa Geijo and Tomás Aguirregoitía of SERVEF Technical Training.
Half the students specialised in gardening and the other 15 were trained in forestry practices, workshops for which took place in a number of green areas, public parks and playgrounds throughout La Nucia. Twenty-nine of the 30 student-workers obtained level two professional certificates in the field of maintenance and installation of gardens in green zones, reforestation and silvicultural treatments. Certification is very important for these students who had no other qualifications.
The town of La Nucia benefited immensely from the programme, now sporting a number of roundabouts and garden areas that have been spruced up ready for summer visitors.
Mayor Cano said: “It is important to fight the economic crisis in this productive and progressive way. We will continue working within such programmes over the next few years.”


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