The curious case of the dog in the BMW: owner injured running from police


AN AUSTRIAN man sustained severe injuries after falling from a slope as he attempted to escape from the Palma Local Police.
The events took place in Calle Mares. Several officers attended the area as they had been alerted to the discovery of a pit bull dog, whose disappearance had been reported a few moments earlier.
Upon their arrival, officers noticed a man who was allegedly trying to break into a BMW car. Police reported that the man tried to flee the scene when he saw them, but then fell down an eight-metre slope and suffered injuries to both of his wrists. The suspect had to be rescued by members of the Palma fire brigade and was then taken to the hospital.
Officers inspected the car and confirmed that one of the windows had been broken and the missing dog was inside. Surprisingly, they said that the vehicle was registered under the injured suspect’s name, and that he was the one who had reported the theft of car and dog.


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