Benidorm subsidises children’s meals through the summer


BENIDORM has increased its number of canteen subsidies over the school holidays to help children from poorer families facing financial difficulties in the summer holidays.
Unemployment rates are still high and as a result many of the city’s children are not eating as well as they should.
The problem is a common one among people suffering financial hardship. While children are at school they will receive at least one square meal that is nutritious enough to keep them going throughout the day and the school menu is subsidised.
When the holidays come round, however, the comfort of a school dinner is no longer an option. For large families the problem is even worse – there is simply not enough food to go round.
On Wednesday June 10 Benidorm Council approved an increase in summer school meal allowances to help alleviate the shortage. The project will run from June 22 to August 28 with the help of AMPA (The Parents Association).
The council has invested €72,121.75 in summer activities for children aged 3 to 14. Of that total, €19,125 is earmarked for catering of children’s midday meal.
The council will establish whether children are qualified for a free meal on recommendation from Social Services regarding the parents’ circumstances and income.


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