Sephardic Jews to be granted Spanish nationality


THE Spanish congress has approved a law to grant Spanish nationality to the descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from the country in 1492.
Descendants will have to prove their origins and a special bond with Spain, showing that they can speak the language and that they have knowledge about the country’s culture, even if they do not reside in Spain.
Ministers of External Affairs and Justice, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo and Rafael Catala respectively, have accredited the new law, which is expected to come into force by October 1, as a “historical restoration of the Sephardim’s rights.”
“This law says a lot of what we were in the past, what we are now and what we wish to become in the future: making Spain an open, diverse and tolerant country,” said Mr Catala.
“Today is a historic day that will mark the beginning of a new era in the relations between Jews and Hispanic folks,” said Isaac Querub, head of the Jewish Communities of Spain.


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