Andalucia will finally have a president 81 days after the election

Flickr by La Moncloa Gobierno de España

ACTING president of the Junta de Andalucia regional government, Susana Diaz, will be invested today (June 11) thanks to a pact with Ciudadanos (C’s).
The head of the socialist party PSOE, Ms Diaz will officially take up the role of regional president 81 days after the Andalucian election, held on March 22.
The vote on her investiture is expected to take place in the Andalucian Parliament at 6pm. Conservative party PP, independent party Podemos and left-wing party Izquierda Unida have announced that they will once again vote against Ms Diaz.
It is the fourth time that the process has taken place since the elections. On the last three occasions, the most recent of which was in May, the soon-to-be president only had the support of her own party, while the rest of the political forces voted against.
Once invested, the decision will be taken to the King, who will have to sanction it with a royal decree, and then it will be published in the National Official Bulletin (BOE) and the Andalucian Bulletin (BOJA).
Ms Diaz admitted that the decision to form the regional government with the support of C’s will represent a challenging term in office, marked by dialogue and negotiations with the rest of the political forces, with the main goal of improving the lives of all Andalucian residents.


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