Happy ending almost a reality for suitcase boy


If nothing goes wrong, little Adou, the eight-year-old found in a suitcase last month, will be picked up today by his mother Lucie Outtara.
Outtara and her lawyer Juan Isidro Fernandez are also expected to visit the Ceuta courts this morning (June 8) to hand over the €5,000 in bail requested to temporarily release the boy’s father Ali, who was jailed when Adou was found in the suitcase.
They will then head for the Mediterraneo shelter where the boy has been staying since he was detected by a scanner on the border, as DNA tests came in at the end of last week confirming that Lucie and Ali are indeed his parents, which meant permission could be granted for his release.
An image, showing the young boy curled up inside the case, has become famous worldwide, said Spanish Immigration Network deputy head David Fernandez. The group is collecting donations to help the family and explained that one generous German family had been so touched by the story they had sent €12,000.
It has certainly been a tough month for the family from Ivory Coast, who live in Fuerteventura. They first attempted to bring Adou, the youngest of their four children, to Spain legally but failed.


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