All hail the new Leon


AT no time in the history of SEAT, has a car been more important to them than the third-generation Seat Leon. Previously known affectionately as the poor man’s VW Golf, The new Leon has come of age and made roads for itself.
Even in the face of Spain’s crisis, SEAT have made miraculous engineering changes to herald their new star. This is also the first Leon available in a range of body styles, as a regular five-door hatch, a three-door ‘SC’ coupé or a longer five-door ‘ST’ estate.
Five engines are offered, ranging upwards from a 104bhp, 1.2-litre TSI turbocharged petrol, via 120bhp and 178bhp four-cylinder turbo petrol versions, to a pair of four-cylinder diesels consisting of a 104bhp, sub-100g/km 1.6-litre unit and a 148bhp 2.0. All drive the front wheels, via a choice of five or six-speed manual, or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearboxes.
Price ranges haven’t jumped ludicrously either. In the UK, they start at £14,700 (€20.000) and tops out with the 2.0 TSI Cupra R, at £25.500 (€35,000.) Where fuel economy is the most important factor, and also a strong point, the 1.6 diesel is capable of 60mpg (5litres per 100km.)


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