Another one bites the dust

Photo by Paco Cameo on Flickr.
File photo: Los Rebeldes and Danza Invisible.

ANOTHER music festival which had been announced for this month and was already selling tickets has been cancelled.
Following in the steps of the Mijas/Manilva music festival, the organisers of Iberia Rock Festival which was to be held in Ronda on June 27 has also been cancelled.
The concert aimed to gather popular Spanish groups and singers from the 80s including Seguridad Social, Danza Invisible, Rebeldes, La Frontera, La Guardia, Nacho Campillo (TAM TAM GO), Dragon Rapide, Tennessee and Jose Antonio Garcia (091), but has had to be cancelled due to issues with the local council.
While the organisers expressed their anger and accused the council of refusing them a grant and having used them to attract votes then dropped them as soon as the local elections were over, the council argued that the company had failed to produce all necessary paperwork in time.



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