Hugh Laurie films new BBC series in Palma


BRITISH actor Hugh Laurie is currently in Palma de Mallorca to shoot six episodes of new BBC series The Night Manager.
On this occasion, the well-loved actor will play the role of a luxury hotel director.
Scenes have been shot at the Bahia Mediterraneo restaurant and today (Thursday, June 4) the team will be filming at a medical clinic in the centre of Palma, under the direction of Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier.
The Night Manager is the TV adaptation of a novel by British writer John le Carre, published in 1993. It tells the story of Jonathan Pino (Tom Hiddleston), an ex-soldier who works by night as the receptionist of a hotel but ends up involved with an intelligences agency. His mission will be gaining the trust of Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie), suspected to be an arms dealer.



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