King’s nephew Froilan accused of racist slur

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KING FELIPE’S nephew, Froilán, has been accused of racially insulting another boy in an argument a Madrid theme park.

According to the newspaper El Economista, the 16-year-old royal angrily ordered a boy of Asian origin to “Shut up, you f**king chinky” following a row that had erupted as Froilán tried to jump a queue on the The Abyss ride at the Parque de Atracciones fairground in the capital.

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A teacher who was with a group of schoolchildren cautioned Froilán for trying to push his way through the queue, to which the royal is reported to have pointed out that he was “fourth in line to the throne.”

It was after this alleged comment, that the boy of Chinese appearance is said to have spoken up, resulting in a heated verbal exchange.

Sources close to Froilán, whose full name is Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón, told British daily The Telegraph that an incident in a queue at the fairground had occurred, however they insisted that the teenage prince did not use racist or insulting language.

Froilan is not a stranger to hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with incidents such as shooting himself in the foot with a shotgun back in 2002 and raising his middle-finger to the press in March 2010 as he accompanied his grandmother, Queen Sofía.


  1. This boy is the perfect answer on the question why are more and more supporters of a Republic in Spain. And in other times I’m sure he would later or soner be killed. Luckely for him he will never rule and we doesn’t live in old times.
    Anywere I wonder about if his parents didn’t do sth against his behaviour. I mean it wasn’t the first time he act like act like that.
    In my case the young boy needs a good old bare butt spanking and then he should do some social work for the common people.


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