It’s a hot one this week

Pete Morawski Flickr

TEMPERATURES are set to rise this week all over Spain, hitting 35C in most parts, which, for this time of the year is abnormally high. A warm front is moving over the country and Spain’s weather agency, AEMET confirmed to Spanish daily, El Mundo, that “We are going to experience some very hot days for this time of year.”
Even the cooler northern regions like Asturias rose to 26C on Tuesday, and are set to keep climbing.
Wednesday will be even hotter, with temperatures of 36C forecast for mid and southern Spain.
Thursday is going to be the hottest day of the week, with the Basque Country expected to see temperatures of up to 36C. Meanwhile, Asturias and Cantabria will surpass 30C.
On Monday, Spain’s health ministry put a special plan in place to prevent the effects of high temperatures, which will run until September 15th.
Due to the unprecedented high temperatures, the plan is being launched earlier than usual.


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