Smoking on the decrease in Spain

jurek d. flickr

SPAIN has the ninth highest percentage of smokers in the European Union. Even though the number of smokers has decreased by four per cent between 2012 and 2014, almost a third of the Spanish population (29 per cent) are still puffing away, according to the study released on Friday (May 29) by the EU to commemorate the World No Tobacco Day, scheduled to be marked on May 31.
The report indicates that the southern countries of the EU register a higher amount of smokers, placing Greece in the first position (32 per cent), followed by Bulgaria (35), Croatia (33) and France.
The country with the lowest percentage of smokers was Sweden (11 per cent), Finland (19) and Malta (20), while the European average currently sits at 26 per cent.
In terms of age, the highest percentage of smokers is found between 25 and 39-year-old residents (40 per cent of the total), followed by ages ranging between 40 and 54 (39 per cent).


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