Spaniards made most complaints to European Ombudsman


SPAIN submitted more complaints to the European Ombudsman in 2014 than any other country. A total of 309 complaints were made, out of which only 19 were considered eligible to begin consultation proceedings, according to a report published by the EU.
The ombudsman deals with complaints regarding EU institutions to do with maladministration and irregularities.
Spain was followed by Germany with 219 complaints and Poland 208, and the European public advocate, Emily O’Reilly, started consultation proceedings in 45 and seven of them, respectively.
The European Commission was the institution against which the largest number of complaints were issued in 2014: 59.6 per cent out of the total 2,079 complaints, followed by the EU agencies (13.7 per cent), and the European Staff Selection Office (Epso) (9.4).


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