Lifeguards start work to protect Mijas bathers


MIJAS beaches will have lifeguards on duty from 11am to 7pm as of this weekend, the council has announced.
A local company, Brigada Socorrista, will be providing the service, which will be running at weekends until June 13, then daily until September 13, and again at weekends until the end of September.
Altogether 45 people including lifeguards, nurses, an ambulance driver and a coordinator make up the team that will be working to keep Mijas bathers safe this summer, Beaches councillor Carmen Marquez explained.
Service leader Gabriel Martin announced that this year a transport service will be laid on to carry disabled people from their homes to the beach.
“It will work in the following way: we will provide locals with a phone number they can call to ask for us to collect them from anywhere in Mijas. The vehicle will go at the arranged time to pick them up and take them to one of the two beaches adapted to their needs. Once the day ends, we will take them home again.
“The idea is to avoid these people having to depend on their families to take them to the beach,” Martin explained.


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