Cameron meets Merkel on whirlwind EU tour

Number 10 Flickr

DAVID Cameron is in Berlin today for talks with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel. Greeted by a full military guard of honour outside Berlin’s chancellery, Cameron is a man on a mission to win support for EU reforms before the EU referendum due in 2017.
Merkel, for her part will attempt to keep Britain in the EU while appearing not to concede to his demands for limits on migrants’ benefits.
Today’s visit marks the end of a 48-hour EU trip, which saw the UK Prime Minister visit the Dutch, French and Polish capitals.
There are more visits to come, as Cameron aims to speak to leaders of the 27 other EU member states before a European council summit on 25-26 June, in an attempt to secure a “better deal” for the UK in the EU before the EU referendum.
He has urged his fellow EU leaders to be “flexible and imaginative.”


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