Palma’s historic Can Bibiloni building to be demolished

Clastra de Son Bibiloni by Roberto Fernandez Legido - License CC 3.0
Picture of Son Bibiloni building: internal patio.

PALMA Council has dismissed an appeal presented by heritage preservation association ARCA and independent party MES to stop the demolition of the historic Can Bibiloni building.
Several municipal experts have analysed the appeal and concluded that there are no objective reasons for the building’s preservation.
The municipal archaeologist has also opposed the petition for the protection of the building, so the town council has allowed the company in charge to continue with the demolition, which was stopped until the case was resolved.
The Association for the Recuperation of Antique Centres (ARCA) is now considering pursuing further legal actions to preserve the building.
“It looks like there is great interest in approving the destruction of certain heritage assets so that a private company sees their own assets grow,” said the association in a statement.


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