Marta’s desperate father offers murderer €18,000


MIGUEL Carcaño, who murdered young Sevilla girl Marta del Castillo in 2009, has refused an offer of money from her distraught father in exchange for revealing where her body is.
Marta’s father Antonio has admitted that he sent Carcaño, jailed for 21 years and three months after confessing to the murder, a written contract promising to pay him €20 per week while inside and a lump sum of €18,000 to start a new life once he has done his time.
But Carcaño, who has given a number of different versions of events and led police on wild goose chases searching for Marta’s body, refused the offer, saying it wasn’t worth it.
The contract, which Antonio posted on twitter later, saying he did not know whether it was legal or not but he would do absolutely anything to make the murderer reveal the exact location of Marta’s remains, set out an agreement that would start as soon as Marta was found.


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