Cyberattack on Felanitx Council website


THE official web of Felanitx Council ( was attacked on Monday morning, reportedly by Moroccan hackers who took control of the sites.
The website remained blocked until around 2pm, when experts were able to solve the issue. Throughout the morning, users who tried to access the website were welcomed instead by a text which read “Possessed by Moroccan Hackers (El Dibon). Your site has been hacked. Message: Free Palestine/ The Sahara belongs to Morocco. Moroccan hackers were here. Contact me.”
Local Police in Felanitx were immediately alerted to the attack. Authorities explained that any attack to a private or public website is considered by the Spanish Penal Code as a crime.
The Felanitx Council is expected to issue an official report on the incident and analyse the financial damage that might have been caused by this attack.


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