Footballers keep sun at a distance in skin cancer campaign

Thai Jasmine Flickr

ALMERIA dermatologists and Union Deportiva Almeria players have joined forces in an anti-cancer campaign.
All the footballers recently consulted a dermatologist in the Juegos Mediterraneos stadium to clear up their doubts about skin care and protection from the sun.
“Because of their profession these elite sportsmen are more exposed to sun radiation so protection from the harmful effects of sun damage is fundamental,” said Dr Jose Luis Martinez Amo.
For the third consecutive year, Dr Martinez is heading the Euromelanoma campaign in Almeria Province.
The initiative particularly wants to reach the 13 to 25 age group, who are habitually less inclined to use sunscreen, he said.
“If young people see a footballer they admire using protection against the sun, they will be more inclined to do the same,” Dr Martinez said.


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