Marihuana plantations dismantled in Benajarafe


A 48-YEAR-OLD man was arrested in Benajarafe as the suspected owner of two marihuana plantations in an industrial site.
The investigations began when National Police officers who were patrolling the area noticed a strong marihuana smell and a continuous buzzing sound, coming from within a property. Officers’ suspicions were sparked when they noticed the property’s windows had been bricked up.
In a search, they found two marihuana plantations which were equipped with a ventilation and lighting systems as well as humidifiers to achieve the optimal growing conditions.
A total of 408 plants were seized and 400 grammes of marihuana ready to be sold confiscated. Other items such as fertilizers and special plant hormones were also seized.
The main suspect had also connected the lighting system to the municipal network, and allegedly defrauded an amount of up to €26,000.
The man has been taken into custody and the greenhouse dismantled.


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