The fire at Pego – Terrified residents

THE FIRE lights up the mountainside behind residences (Pictures courtesy of Frank Goodall)

AFTER the fire that devastated much of the Pego countryside on Thursday May 14 Euro Weekly News met up with local residents Tash and Lou Lewis.
Tash and Lou had their car packed, two dogs and their daughter on board and their horse with them, ready to leave if the fire got too close.
Tash, who helped organise support and information via social media said: “It was our worst nightmare. We understand the threat of fires in Spain, especially when the wind is strong, but the speed with which it spread was frightening. Luckily, the wind changed direction and we decided to stay but we were minutes from leaving behind everything we could not carry.” Tash continued: “I want to say how amazing the Bomberos, Guardia Civil and Local Police were. They risked their lives time and again to stop the progress of the fire. The planes and helicopters that delivered water to damp down the hotspots are heroes as well. They swooped in so low, through the smoke to stop the fire progressing.”

  Photo-Tash and Lou Lewis

Although many of the houses in the line of the fire were second homes and unoccupied there was one that was destroyed and with it the bodega of wines that the owner had been collecting for years.
Tash said: “I believe that some people who saw the smoke did not ring 112 and report it as they thought someone else would. I implore anyone who sees smoke or fire to ring 112 – they speak English and would rather have multiple calls which can also inform them of the scene on the ground. We all need to be vigilant – a quick report could mean the difference between life and death.”



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