Navarro wishes to go underwater in Benidorm

BENIDORM BAY: A potential goldmine for underwater tourism.

MAYOR Agustin Navarro has revealed his ambitions to add touristic value by developing marine services in the waters off Benidorm.
“We have some wonderful attractions, reefs, clear waters and spectacular coastal scenery. It is time we looked at them with a view to utilising them for the benefit of the city,” he said.
Navarro’s plans include an underwater museum, a path along the seabed, a submerged altar for weddings, a nature trail, and these are just a few suggestions put forward to convert Benidorm Bay into a Caribbean paradise.
Navarro has nurtured plans to submerge a shipwreck in the bay, writing to the Generalitat to secure permission to convert the sea bed off Benidorm for marine tourism. The project would include an underwater kingdom with sunken treasure, amphorae and ship wrecks.


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