Successful launch for La Alfoquia charity Harmony

NEW CHARITY: Two of the Harmony helpers on the launch day

HARMONY, a new charity based in La Alfoquia, was off to a good start by raising €675.
The brainchild of Harmony’s president Karen Revel, Harmony is a new community support group. It is committed to providing voluntary, practical and informative assistance to those in need, particularly people who are struggling to find specific help not provided by existing charities.
The launch at the Renfre centre was a very positive and happy occasion, said the organisers, who thanked everybody for their donations and contributions as well as stallholders and the musicians who provided live entertainment.
“The success of the event would not have been possible without all who freely gave their time to help,” they said. “After such an enjoyable day we hope that everyone will join us again for the Harmony Community Fair in October.”
Readers interested in becoming a Harmony Helper or helping behind the scenes should telephone 634 339 192 from Monday to Friday between 11am and 2pm or email .
“If you yourself need help, or know of others who do, please contact Harmony in confidence. We are here to help.”


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