Balearics have best winter for years


THE Balearic Islands have registered the best winter for tourism of the last six years, according to the Statistics Institute.

During the first three months of this year visitors increased by 21.6 per cent compared to the same period in 2014, the report revealed, with 438,070 people heading for the islands in March alone.

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Meanwhile the Frontur survey by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism reported that tourists visiting from abroad were up by 27 per cent in March and there had been 5.7 per cent more Spanish visitors than in March 2014.

The positive results were combined with those achieved in previous months, allowing the Tourism and Sports Department to announce the best low season of the last six years.

Leading countries visitors came from in the first quarter of this year were Spain, with 342,952 people, Germany with 316,634 and the UK with 74,134.

Other areas increased amounts of visitors came from were Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and the USA.


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