13-year-old arrested after teacher killed in Barcelona school


A 13-YEAR-OLD has been arrested after a teacher was reportedly shot dead with a crossbow and several pupils were injured in a Barcelona secondary school, according to local reports.

A police spokesman said a youth had been detained on suspicion of murder, and there are unconfirmed reports a crossbow was used.

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The youngster is said to have forced his way into the Joan Fuster secondary school in Barcelona carrying a crossbow and knife before launching the attack.

Local media reports say that the boy targeted a female teacher and her daughter, and that they both suffered minor injuries, although the teacher was said to have been wounded near her eyes.

A male teacher who then entered the classroom was fatally stabbed in the chest, according to local newspaper El Diario.

Another officer was reported to say “four pupils were slightly injured in the attack” but she could not yet specify how, and they have now been taken to hospital.


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