Man found dead with throat cut

Flickr by Carlos Espejo
Estepona view.

A SPANISH man in his 40s has been found dead at his home near Estepona with a slit-throat and various stab wounds.

The victim reportedly arrived home from work as usual at 4pm and half an hour later his alarm was heard to go off, although it was quickly silenced, yet neighbours called the police after hearing strange sounds at the Parque Antena home on the outskirts of the town.

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After breaking the door down, police and firemen found the man’s body in the bath.

Initial investigations on the case, which is being treated as suspected homicide, pointed to the man having been killed in his living-room then dragged into the bathroom.

Coincidentally the body of a middle-aged woman was found in the bedroom of the same property one year ago. It has not yet been disclosed whether the victims were related.


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