Queen’s relatives to declare in court

Flickr by the lost gallery
File photo: Queen Letizia.

A COURT in Cangas de Onis, Asturias, has confirmed that three of Queen Letizia of Spain’s relatives will be called to declare in a hearing.

The queen’s father Jesus Ortiz Alvarez, aunt Henar Ortiz Alvarez and grandmother Maria del Carmen Alvarez del Valle will face charges of concealing assets.

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The Asturias Supreme Court has informed that no appeals against the hearing being held will be accepted.

The private prosecution has requested two and a half year jail sentences for the three and fines of €10 per day for 16 months, while the Public Prosecutor’s Office has made no requests for the case, which will look into a €22,600 debt left unpaid by a decorating company Henar Ortiz owned.


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