Malaga Province to share out €26 million


MALAGA Provincial Council announced today, 13 April, that €26 million funding would be shared out between its 103 municipalities for new building projects.

The Extraordinary 2015 Investment Program is expected to directly generate 600 jobs solely from these new plans.

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The council president, Elias Bendodo, explained to local mayors and councillors that all municipalities in the province would benefit from a share of the pot aimed at rebuilding or improving local amenities.

The money comes from savings made last year by the council, and as in the year before, will be ploughed back into local community project development,according to population size.

As from today, the municipalities can present the projects that they would like to be financed by the programme, all of which must meet basic requirements. For example, any new projects cannot have a life expectancy of fewer than five years.

Each local council may submit up to three projects with a minimum cost of €15,000 each. In addition, any plan of work submitted cannot be reviewed or changed once it has been approved.


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