Easter factors in Malaga’s improving jobs figures


MALAGA came third on the list for the greatest reduction in unemployment in Spain in March, with a drop of 4,761 jobless people leaving the total at 191,899.

The province was only beaten by Madrid and the Balearic Islands, reportedly due to the start of the tourist season and the re-opening of many hotels for Easter.

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The drop was reported as the highest in March for at least a decade, and looking at the last 12 months the total number of registered unemployed people has decreased by 17,254.

The improvement in the job market was mainly in the services sector, which saw 4,896 fewer registered jobless people at the end of last month.

Construction and industry also saw drops, while figures for those with no previous work experience and the agricultural sector saw slight increases.

Men continue to benefit more from the slight improvements than women, with 2,708 fewer men and 2,053 fewer women registered as unemployed at the end of March.


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