Alleged cash point robbers arrested in Pollença


A CRIMINAL gang suspected to have forced open several cash point machines has been dismantled in Pollença by the Guardia Civil police force.

Two men and a woman from Romania, aged 20, 24 and 22 years old, have been arrested for allegedly stealing several thousand euros from at least 17 cash points.

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The detainees reportedly manipulated the machines by introducing a harpoon-like tool with which they blocked the bill slot. When a client tried to withdraw money from the manipulated ATM, it would get trapped inside the machine and the alleged thieves would collect it after the client had left the scene.

The Guardia Civil statement reported that the detainees had carried out these robberies on cash machines around Llucmajor, Magaluf, Manacor, Palma, Puerto Pollença, Puerto Alcudia, C’an Picafort and Inca.

After the arrests, police conducted a home search and confiscated ‘harpoons,’ mobile phones, a vehicle, several credit cars and other items.

The suspects have been remanded in custody.   


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