Ferrari proves it’s not a one horse race


SEPANG and the Malaysian Grand Prix saw red, as Vettel in the Ferrari stormed home to win over the Mercedes team, and prove this season is far from being a one horse race.

After taking the chequered flag in Australia with a huge lead, Lewis Hamilton might have believed, as many did, that the rest of the formula one season was going to echo his last eight wins. Instead, Ferrari has just revived the competition with a breath of fresh air by not only beating Mercedes, but beating them well!

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Mercedes may have lost the race on strategy and tyre management, but they would still have had a big fight on their hands to win it on pace, especially with the Ferrari boasting superior straight-line speed.

As Lewis said, “Jeez, they had some good pace today. We knew coming into this weekend that they had made a step, we didn’t know how big but they were too fast for us today.”

So, it’s on to China and the Shanghai GP on April 12, where we will see if Mercedes have pulled their socks up, or if the prancing horses of Vettel and Raikkonen can keep a nose in front.

Either way, Lewis Hamilton won’t be overly depressed this week, as he expects to sign a new Mercedes contract that could be worth more than £27 million a year.


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