Almeria’s environment police chase fire starters and fly-tippers

File photo.

THREE alleged arsonists believed to have started three forest fires in the province last year now face prosecution.

The Autonomous Police Force, attached to the region’s Justice and Interior department, carried out 175 inspections relating to fires last year, which led to legal proceedings on 18 occasions.

Of the 421 people investigated for environmental offences in 2014, fly-tippers were the most persistent with 299 accusations. A further 92 were denounced for infringing animal protection and natural resources regulations, leading to two prosecutions. 

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The Autonomous Regional Police’s  Environment unit also reported nine individuals for planning irregularities and three for illegal forestry activities.

In the course of their work in Almeria Province last year, the Environment officers covered 71,460 kilometres, identified 923 people and inspected 400 vehicles.


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