Spain grab gold in European Junior Badminton Championships


SPAIN won their first ever Badminton European Junior Championships in Lubin, Poland, this weekend, beating runners up England by 3-2.

It was a close series of games, with Ben Lane and Jess Pugh continuing their winning run to beat Spain’s Miren Azcue and Alejo Ibeas in the mixed doubles.

Sean Vendy and Miu Lin Ngan lost the men’s and woman’s singles matches to give the lead back to Spain. Ben Lane and Sean Vendy then combined in the men’s doubles to tie the two squads for the championship.

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Everything was then left to the women’s doubles to determine the outcome and the winners of the overall championship. The previously undefeated British team, Ira Banerjee and Jess Pugh, were beaten by Spain’s Clara Azurmendi and Isabel Fernandez for a historic win to give the Spanish team the European Junior Badminton title.


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