Update: Italian website publishes Lubitz’s selfie

Courtesy of SocialChannel.it

ITALIAN website SocialChannel.it has published a selfie taken by Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot thought to have deliberately caused the crash in the French Alps.

The publication follows revelations made at the weekend by a former girlfriend to German daily Bild about Lubitz’s ambition to make the world remember him.

Maria, the nickname chosen by the 26-year-old woman to cover her real identity, said that Lubitz wanted to “change the system” and that he intended to do something that would make him go down in history.

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Maria confirmed that the co-pilot occasionally had anxiety attacks and nightmares.

One day I am going to do something that will change the whole system, and then everyone will know my name and remember it,” quoted Maria, and continued: “I never knew what he meant, but it all makes sense now.”

The woman, who is a flight attendant, admitted that she sometimes felt afraid by the co-pilot’s behaviour as he often woke up during the night screaming: “We are going down!”.

He knew how to keep for himself what he felt,” said the woman.

She believes the reason behind the deliberate crash was that the co-pilot understood that his dream of becoming a captain of a Lufthansa plane was practically impossible.

The investigators of the case confirmed last Friday (March 27) that the co-pilot was meant to be on sick leave on the day of the crash.

It is believed that Lubitz hid his illness from employers, as investigators found a broken medical-leave note in his property.


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