Charity receives huge check from unexpected quarters


A GENEROUS Marbella neighbourhood association has donated €7,000 to a charity, the largest amount ever received by the recipient group from private donators.

Cristo de los Molinos neighbours’ association from the Bello Horizonte district of Marbella had been stashing annual members’ payments of €5 for 10 years, and decided that rather than holding parties, it would put the money to more long-term good use.

The charity chosen to receive the funds was Marbella Caritas, the seven branches of which have been given checks for €1,000 each.


As the association has no fixed premises and therefore no running costs, the board of directors decided to hand the money over to charity.

“I think we’ve done what we had to do. Before spending money on parties one has to see what is needed,” association president Cristobal Moncayo said.

But did all the association members feel the same way? Secretary Jose Antonio Castillo revealed that there had been slight disagreements, hardly surprising in a working-class neighbourhood where nobody has much spare cash. But in the end everyone agreed.

“Of course we were tempted to spend it on trips and paellas, but bearing in mind the current situation, we preferred to use it to help people in need,” Castillo explained.


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