Almeria’s roads get safer

JL Palacios on Flickr

ONLY one Almeria Province main road, the N-340, is considered one of Spain’s 125 most dangerous roads. 

The list compiled by the European motoring association AEA cites the N-340 main road’s Kilometre 427 and Kilometre 450 near Sorbas and Tabernas. A separate report ruled out both of the two motorways that cross the province as especially hazardous.

According to details from the ministry of Public Works’ Medium Danger Index, that there were 22 mortal accidents on sections of the province’s roads regarded as dangerous between 2009 and 2014.

In the nine accidents on the old N-340, four occurred at Kilometre 427 where eight people lost their lives. Twelve people were killed in the five accidents at Kilometre 450 during this five-year period.

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