CORREOS alerts public to email scam under their name


CORREOS (the Spanish national postal service) has alerted people to a scam being perpetrated in several Mallorcan municipalities.

The company reports that fraudsters are sending emails claiming to represent CORREOS – a practice called phising – informing the recipient about the arrival of a packet or letter for them. The email contains links urging the recipient to download content, which in reality is viruses that infect files and encrypt them. Fraudsters then ask for money to decode the files and return them to their owners.

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CORREOS explained in a statement: “These emails are illegitimate. Users must delete them WITHOUT OPENING the files. If a user clicks on the link, it is probable that the computer will become infected so it is advisable not to carry out operations such as bank transfers, password typing, or sending confidential information until the virus has been eliminated.”

The company has already taken necessary measures to deal with the threat and reminded all customers that they can request more information at 902 197 197 and 683 648 841.  


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