New fast lane causes controversy at Palma airport

Mikel Puga on Flickr

THE Son Sant Joan Airport in Palma’s new ‘fast lane’ service has sparked controversy amongst passengers.

The service, which became operational on Tuesday (March 17), is earmarked for those users who wish to avoid traditional ‘zigzag’ queues and pay to go through a faster path to the security control area.

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Airlines will have to agree with the company in charge, AENA, on the use of this service, also called the ‘VIP lane.’

However, many flight companies have criticised the plan, saying that the implementation of the fast lane came as a surprise and that staff did not know which passengers were allowed to use them.

A statement released by Air Europa, Air Berlin, Iberia, Vueling and other airlines explained: “We are still receiving information but for now, the tourist class passengers will not be able to use the fast lane. Only passengers who travel in first class or have loyalty cards will be able to benefit from the new service.”


  1. Last Monday I went as normal to the old downstairs VIP channel armed with my trusty Priority Plus card which has seen me through there maybe 100 times over the last three years. Refused No explanation in English or Spanish. Go upstairs and into the Fast Lane Channel. Refused again. Again no explanation of what cards were accepted. Totally stupid and a pain for regular airport customers. Why not a notice saying what cards they accept – or even briefing staff properly? Trying again on Monday after Easter…..

  2. Like John Williams I also was refused passage through what used to be the VIP channel with my trusty Priority Plus card which I have been using for as long as I can remember at least once a fortnight. I was also refused passage through the Terminal “B” channel as my flight did not go from there despite it being the nearest channel to the VIP lounge. I have now been refused, without explanation, passage with boarding cards and loyalty cards for three different airlines. With summer approaching us regular travellers are going to be severely inconvenienced unless arrangements are made either to restore the status quo or to allow the purchase of a ticket.


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