Not so broadband


ACCORDING to a new survey by the National commission of Mercados y la Competencia. Spanish Mobile internet speeds are embarrassingly slow in comparison with many other countries.

They highlight the fact that countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium have speeds up to five times faster than Spanish consumers. And compared to some Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, it´s just embarrassing!

The survey covered and reflected 2014 and used some 50 million data movements to discover that the average speed in mainland Spain was 4.6Mbs. When this is compared with Bulgaria at 18Mbs, and Columbia at 9Mbs or Denmark at 22.3Mbs. It becomes apparent something needs to be looked at.

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Broadband internet in Spain has always been a little, “lacking in its development” express the commission, however with the new fibre optic installations sweeping the country, they hope the nation will increase its standing in the world rankings which at present rate Spain in 30th position.

In recent months, the big telecommunications companies advertising their 4G networks with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. And now there is talk in the wind of 5G coming soon. Movistar Vans are everywhere you turn, Telecoms engineers are franticly laying cable in streets, does this mean that we can expect a huge jump in our internet speeds as if we were sitting on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise when Captain Kirk hits the “Warp Speed” button? Maybe not, but at least it looks like things will be getting better soon.


  1. Its not just for mobiles – the internet speeds in Spain are pathetic! We get around 4mbs which is pitifully slow but I know many have much less.
    As for fibre-optics, according to the news we can forget it because Telefonica have ceased all installations because they must share them with other companies! The big problem here in Spain is that nobody cares – its just ‘take it or leave it’!


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